Style Wars

How It Works

Participants are to make their way to the Style Wars stage where each participant has a designated podium to stand on.

The contestant on podium 1 will give out an outfit theme and the other 7 participants must create an outfit inspired by that theme. All participants will have 8 minutes to complete an outfit. After the timer goes off, the theme giver will choose who they thought created the best look. The contestant on podium 2 of will then be in charge of giving out an outfit theme, judging the other 7 contestants outfits and picking a winner in the next round. This repeats for a total of 8 full rounds and the participant who has been chosen the most by their peers for having the best outfit is then crowned Style Queen!

Competition Guidelines

•Once you use an item in an outfit during a competition round, you are unable to use it again.
•Each item you use must be a unique item, using multiple colors of the same item is not permitted.
•Each participant must pick an outfit theme and a winning outfit when it is their turn.
•You will only have 8 minutes to create your outfit for each round.